I am very sad today as I write this post. You see, we have lost one of our four legged friends, known to us as “Charlie”.  Charlie was a beautiful Golden Retriever who was part of the Feehley family. He was well known and loved by many. I will always fondly remember him on the Choptank River, swimming, and chasing sticks and balls thrown in the water. He was always eager to please and very gentle.

Our “fur babies”, become part of our families. We nurture, care, feed, and take care of them in the best possible way we can. In return, they love us unconditionally, without question or pause. There’s something comforting about opening the door and seeing that tail wagging and their smile, just because they missed you; just because they love you.

In my experience this pain is one of the hardest to overcome. It only comes with time, and only you know when that time is. Once you come through the other side you are left with fond memories and the hope that one day you will see them again.

I know Charlie is running in the sunshine, chasing sticks and balls. He’s still there watching over my dear friends and trying to comfort them from afar. I also suspect he has caught up with his partner in crime, Chessie. His female counterpart who passed away only three short years ago.  (Pictured below are Cruiser, and Charlie on the right.)


Love your pets and enjoy every day you have with them. I believe that’s how they live. In the moment, with you and for you, every second, of every day.

I will keep Charlie in my heart. My prayers and love go to Robyne and Terry. Let time be on your side and ease your sorrow and pain. We will all miss Charlie and will be thinking of and praying for all of you.

In dedication to Robyne, Terry, Charlie, and Cruiser.




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