Family Means Everything..

Since our cruise it has been a very hectic time in the Del Grosso household. We returned from a cruise to have Thanksgiving 3 days later. Thanksgiving brought all of our family together which was my in-laws greatest wish. Then on December 2nd we lost one of the greatest men I have ever known.

My father in law passed away on this Saturday in December. Sadly, it was also my sister-in-laws birthday. Our third childs birthday falls on the 3rd of December. This time of year is never easy to lose someone, then again, no time is an easy time.

As soon as we learned of the news we went to be with my mother in law. My sister-in-law immediately flew home from Michigan. Our 2nd child and her husband drove from Baltimore. The other children followed shortly from Michigan to Maryland, and this family was complete. We attempted to surround her and comfort her with all the love we have for both of them. Preparations had to be made!

My husband and his sister and mother had to bear the burden of making arrangements. Pops, as fondly known to our family, was well-loved by many and respected by all. As difficult as it was, people from vast geographic areas had to be given time to pay their respects to this giant of a man.


I love this family and feel so privileged to be a part of it. All of our children could not have been more supportive and thoughtful. The grandchildren were equally impressive in their show of support and love for everyone. I looked around and my heart was so filled with love……..this is my family.

We take so many things for granted in this life. We always think there is going to be time. “I can do that tomorrow” or “I really don’t have time right now”. Truth is, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Consider this encouragement! Make time for the ones you love. Take the time to make that phone call. Include your loved ones in your plans. Say I love you, hold hands, give hugs, share a kiss, and tell people how much you care. One day that won’t be a luxury you have any more.

I would like to tell you how wonderful Pops was to all of us and what he meant. Never an unkind word, always supportive and encouraging, wise in advice. The list goes on and on. Most of all there was unconditional love for all of his family. You knew it without it being said. It was like a big warm blanket that comforted all of us. There will never be another and he will be missed greatly every day.


In closing I would like to thank all of the friends and family that supported us and continue to do so. All of the kindness and caring, and outpour of love made this difficult time a little easier for this family to bear.

Just remember, family is everything! Please hold your’s dearly and keep them close. Make sure they know how much they are loved and needed. Tomorrow will come but today is more important. Make it your mission to live for today.

Respectfully for my father in law “Pops”, til we meet again.

Til next time,

Ciao xoxo

4 responses to “Family Means Everything..”

  1. We are so sorry for the loss of Pops and will always hold a special place in Our hearts for him.
    What a beautiful tribute to him!
    Grateful we had the opportunity to be in his company and experience the unconditional love he had for all.
    Keeping everyone in our prayers as the days move forward.

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