This year in Aruba we have multiple guests arriving. I guess we talked about it so much they finally bit the bullet and said yes.


Two of them are terrified of flying. It should be interesting to get them back on the ground. Hopefully all will go well and they will have a great flight.

The guys all love to fish so I know a fishing trip is planned. Sounds like the girls wanted to be part of it too. As for me, poolside is fine. It’s a definite that we go island exploring. So many things to see, the natural bridge, the tidal pool, Casibari Rock, and the many beaches. Beach time is always great here; the beaches are magnificent.


Over the next month I want to highlight the restaurants here and show you the sights. This may be a place you love. It might be a place you’ve yet to visit. We can’t say enough about how wonderful Aruba and it’s people are. You don’t have to take my word for it. COME TO ARUBA!!!!!!


Til next time,

Ciao xoxo

Viki D


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