Feels like Fall…

What a lovely weekend! The air had a hint of coolness and the clouds looked like cotton candy.  I know it's sad for most people when summer is over. I must admit, I am really looking forward to Fall.

We went to dinner with friends by boat Saturday night. What a glorious evening it was! With the compliment of a full moon, it could not have been more perfect. Our excursion took us to Oxford. A little town, with a lot of history, and off the beaten path. Boaters and vacationers alike descend on this little town to enjoy it's charm and hospitality.


Once called Schooners, now the new Capsize restaurant. It has been redecorated inside but has the same feel. It boasts, white leather sofas inside for intimate dining. It also has a large dining room, also decorated in white. We chose to dine outside so we could enjoy the evening air. There is something special about dining on the water in the moonlight.


We shared an appetizer called the Sushi un-roll. What a fantastic appetizer. Fresh tuna, on a bed of rice, with avocado, cucumber, and a special sauce. I enjoyed the Korean barbeque shrimp tacos. Absolutely fantastic! Someone else got the mussels and raved about them. While I didn't try them I can tell you they were fragrant and I noticed she didn't leave even one. It was a huge bowl with a large loaf of bread on the side for dipping. What can I say, the food was to die for. I will definitely go back.


By boat or by car, Oxford, Maryland is a great place to visit. Many people visit and never leave after they fall in love with it's quaint charm. It comes equipped with it's own working Ferry that can transport you to St. Michaels, Maryland. Did I say quaint??  There are many other dining options. I do highly recommend trying Capsize, you won't be dissapointed.


Come visit Oxford, Maryland. You may fall in love and never leave!

Til next time,

Ciao xoxo


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Viki D

I'm a wife, mother, and a nurse. I love to cook, craft, and create. I am a Christmas fanatic and love entertaining and cooking for my friends and family. Follow me on Pinterest at Around the Butcher Block / VikiD

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