My friend Chris and I love to craft. We also like to drink the occasional glass of wine, talk about cooking, and just have a good laugh. We got together for a crafting, wine drinking, sushi eating, good old time!


She called prior to our get together. “Hey do you want to make a wreath?”  I of course said sure.  She sent me a pic of what she had in mind. So, off to AC Moore I went in search of a wreath form and my ribbon. So many choices to make. Although we had the same picture and instruction, they could not have turned our more differently. Both lovely and pretty enough to hang. I think we did quite well!

This is the wreath Chris made…..


This is the one I made…..


Same project and concept, two different wreaths. There really is no right or wrong way. It depends on your taste and what you want yours to look like.

Mine consists of a wire wreath form and 10 different spools of ribbon. I will warn you, ribbon can be pretty expensive. Look for sales and coupons in your local craft stores. Some stores have bins of ribbon marked down from previous seasons. I used wired ribbon. You could also use deco mesh, also found in craft stores, or on-line.

This is the wreath form I used.


I cut my ribbon into 8 inch lengths.  I strongly encourage you to use a rotary cutter and cutting mat. It makes this part of the project go much faster.


Using the second row from the center I tied the ribbon, alternately, all around until it was the desired fullness. Then using only the sheer ribbon on the very outer ring I alternately tied those colors in. When it is the desired fullness, fluff it out and hang it. Pretty easy!!!

So my Valentine’s wreath is done. You could use this technique literally for any holiday. Maybe you would like to do one for St. Patricks day or Easter. This would also make a nice gift. You could color coordinate for a special room or a specific season. The possibilities are limitless.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day. If you decide to make one send me a picture. I would love to see your creation.

Til next time,

Ciao xoxo




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